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Discovering the True Richness in Serbia, the Country Surrounded with Gentleness

Masaaki Dan

Masaaki Dan, Colonel,
Defense Attaché at the Japanese Embassy in Serbia, student of Doshu and 3rd Dan so Hombu

In May 2006 when it was busy to prepare for moving prior to my assignment in Serbia, my children complained with tears, “Do we really have to go to Serbia? We do not want to be apart from friends and do not want to go to a place that we do not know.” Because my knowledge about Serbia was poor at that time, I could not explain them enough. But, I have decided to take them to Serbia almost forcefully. I still remember children’s faces looking at the land of Japan from the airplane which departed from the Narita Airport on June 22nd.

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Lost And Found:
A Serbian Road Trip 2006

Louise Hunt

The morning began well; the Ren Shin Kan Gang were off on their travels once more. Senseis Gordon Jones and Philip Smith had been invited to teach jointly again on the annual Easter course hosted by the Serbian Aikikai (I had been lucky enough to attend their first joint Serbian course two years previously). The rest of the British contingent on this occasion included Paul Garratt, Rebecca Kelly, Sean Taylor, Mark Vanes, Lee Hubbard and Satu Vainika, Mark Machin and Neil Kennerley from UCL London. Sensei Mire Zloh, Fukushidoin from UCL, and a senior teacher in the Serbian Aikikai was already in Belgrade with his family, awaiting our arrival..

6 - 9th April 2006

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Planes (Trains) & Automobiles

Philip Smith

Elsewhere in this newsletter you will read an article about our now annual visit to the Serbian Aikikai in Belgrade. As usual a fantastic time was had by all but getting there was a different matter...

6 - 9th April 2006


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My experience in Budapest 2001

Sasa Obradovic

My experience with East European countries' Aikido was scarce until recently. For a number of years, until late 90-s, Yugoslav Aikido gravitated towards Italy as a country that hosted our Shihan, Fujimoto Sensei.

1st July 2001


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