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Aikido is a Japanese Martial Art created during the 1920s by Morihei Ueshiba, an expert who reached the highest level of mastery in the classical Japanese Martial Arts. Officially recognized by the Japanese government in 1940, the Aikikai Foundation is the parent organization for the development and popularization of Aikido throughout the world.
The following explanations refer only to recognized organizations by the Aikikai Foundation ie. organizations that have Hombu Recognition. (See: Overseas Organization)


Article 15 : Qualifications of Instructors
1. With respect to an Aikido organization with Hombu Recognition, the qualifications for instructors are as follows:
(1) Shihan
(2) Shidoin
(3) Fukushidoin
2. The titles for instructors' qualification are expressed in Japanese terminology.
Article 16 : Shihan
1. The Hombu examines and appoints Shihan from among persons who are 6th Dan or above, and who are proficient in practice and instructing.
2. To the appointed person, a Certificate of Appointment is awarded by the Hombu.
Article 17 : Shidoin and Fukushidoin
1. An Aikido organization with Hombu Recognition is to have a system for qualifying Shidoin and Fukushidoin.
(1) Shidoin are persons of 4th dan or above
(2) Fukushidoin are persons of 2nd dan or 3rd dan
2. An Aikido organization with Hombu Recognition can issue a Certificate of Appointment to those whom it has appointed Shidoin and Fukushidoin.
3. An Aikido organization with Hombu Recognition must report to the Hombu the name and dan grade of those whom it has appointed Shidoin and Fukushidoin.

from: International Regulations (Revised)

Aikido International Yudansha Card

International Aikido Yudansha Card is a document that is obtained after successful completion of Sho dan belt. In this document, the following day entered belts and shall also include data on the presence of the aikido seminars.

With this document after successfully passing the exam for the Dan obtained a diploma signed by Aiki Doshu.





Diplomas for Dan pogrades

represents with Yudansha card an official certificate of the Dan awarded by Aikido World Headquarters. Diplomas from the Sho dan to the fourth Dan look similar to this in the picture above, from the 5th to the 8th Dan like this in the picture below it. With numbers 1.2.3. in figure marked red stamp organizations and Doshu. Diplomas have a watermark.

The signatures on the diplomas O Sensei until 1969, Kisshomaru Ueshiba to 1999, and Moriteru Ueshiba since 1999. On graduation does not write the name of examiners for the Dan.


Hombu Recognition is one of the necessary conditions to become a member of the IAF. However, Hombu Recognition does not mean that the relevant organization automatically becomes a member of the IAF. The International Aikido Federation (IAF), comprised of Aikido Organization of each country with the purpose of expediting friendship, is a Voluntary Organization as well as an Auxiliary Organization of Aikikai.

IAF (International Aikido Federation) organization does not allocate dan certificates and you can not have a dan this organization!


Kagami Biraki

Kagami Biraki

In Japan, New Year's period is considered the most important part, and Kagami Biraki coincides with this period, usually celebrated on the second Saturday or Sunday of January.



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Kagami Biraki i Hombu dođo

Kagami Biraki is celebrated and in aikido, a central event in the Aikikai Hombu. On that day are declared by the leader of Aikido belts from 5th to 8th Dan.


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Aikikai Serbia and Aikikai Hombu dojo

In early 2009, the Serbian Aikido Federation - Aikikai Serbia has been given Hombu Recognition. In addition to the rights that has brought us, this award has shown that Hombu dojo believe that we will be worthy to continue to spread aikido in spirit and in accordance with the idea of Morihei Ueshiba.

From March 2012 Aikido Federation of Serbia - Aikikai Serbia is transformed into the "Society for the traditional Japanese culture - Aikikai Serbia". The new name and focus on the idea that aikido represents a derivative of the rich Japanese culture and martial art and not sport, was one of the main motives for this small in name but in fact a big change.

Saša Obradović, aikikai 6th dan

On traditional Kagami Biraki ceremony 1917 year in Tokyo Sasa Obradovic Shidoin of Aikikai Serbia from Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba promoted to Hombu Dojo 6th dan.

8 January 2017


The list of Recommentation Grading in 2017

Dojos and clubs

Belgrade and Zemun:
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Bela Crkva:
AC "Alfa"

Bijeljina (BiH):
AC "Yoshinkan"

AD "Yuugen"



Novi Sad:
AD "Budokan"
AD "Marko"

Novi Banovci:
AD "Dunav"

AC "Daitokan"


AD "Ozren"

Ugljevik (BiH):
AC "Yoshinkan"

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